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Welcome to the home of self-realization and expression.  Here you'll be able to get a deeper understanding for the type of enthusiasm Mario brings to his workshop. Whether it is colleges, Fortune 500 companies, Government institutions, or prisons, Mario is intentional in being a space holder for transparency for those who seek the words for the truth their hearts know. 

Meet Mario Reyes

Keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and father dedicated to mental health and fatherhood advocacy through identity narratives.

As a passionate advocate for artistic express and mental health, Mario Reyes has spent years helping communities create safe spaces in communities and fortune 500 companies to exercise their creativity in ways that affirm their individuality thus allowing them to contribute to a team more efficiently. As a proud father of two and an accomplished author of A Son with No Father is a Book with No Author, he has created fatherhood communities with his workshop Kingdom Son. With a background a professional background in technology consultation and the nonprofit sector, Mario has a unique ability to relate and reconcile to a diverse audience which has made his workshops and keynotes, engaging, inspiring, and deeply impactful.

Embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and inspire innovation

Mario Reyes

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